Welcome to the Farm

Ever since the Teeglepets were introduced, I have wanted a nice-looking riding outfit in Second Life.  There have been some out there, but nothing has quite caught my eye. Now, however, there’s a very nice casual riding set out from Cheval D’or. Alana is a full outfit with a sun shirt, shirt, breeches (boot cut and regular), socks and jodphurs. The set comes fitted for Maitreya, Legacy and Reborn and includes a texture hud for lots of different colour combinations. It is perfect both for chores around the barn and for riding in.  As such, it was just the right thing for showing off some more PLAZA goodies, this time centered around Teegle and also Splintered Creations, the creators of the lovely welcome sign shown in the first image.

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Three Witches

Salem has opened its door to all things witchy and I went straight for the 3 Witches gacha from alaskametro and played, and played and played…but clearly, I need to sacrifice a black goat for it to deliver any of its rares! That said, the commons are also fantastic and I can happily report that all three skins work across a range of Slink and LeLutka heads, even though they are made for Genus. That just leaves the two Genus HD lip appliers as Genus-specific.

Since I also had a trio of stockings from Luxuria for Salem to blog, I decided on setting up three witchy looks using each of the faces from the gacha.

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Princess Peacock

A somewhat unusual choice of colours for me, it tends to be the blacks and the bold reds that draw my eye. But since every colour in the Jodha Lehenga collection from Zaara looks fantastic, I wanted to pick something different. And when I decided that the scene needed something more, it turned out that the ivory version looked really good against the albino texture for Jian’s peacock. I played around a bit with the windlight as well and I think the pink sunset light made for a very pretty contrast.

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Paper Batty

I am continuing the theme of the previous post with more oldies but goodies skins through Bakes on Mesh and a ton of October-appropriate accessories and decor. This time, I am hanging out in my little witch’s shack from Jian which I have decorated with paper bats from Paper Moon and a furniture set from Roawenwood. The outfit is another Voluptas Virtualis release which worked great for showing off the fantastic Zodiac tattoos from Fallen Gods. I’ve also accessories with a jewelery set from the Plastik and a hair from Wasabi.

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Charmed by Bakes on Mesh

Glorious October, Bakes on Mesh is finally in Firestorm! Oh, and yeah, its THAT month in Second Life, where the whole grid goes Halloween-mad. There’s no escaping that and with Bakes on Mesh available to me I can dig up all sorts of older skins, makeups and tattoos that suit the theme. Even better, because all of those are individual layers (okay, it isn’t so good for my inventory but it has been a lost cause for many years) I can easily see what I am wearing when the time comes to get the credits sorted.

In these images, I am wearing the Bakes on Mesh-ready Athena head from LightStar with a Tuli skin, alaskametro makeup and silentsparrow tattoos. I am going to get a lot of mileage out of my LightStar heads now that I am not limited to Omega appliers.

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Tall Tales

I do love animesh critters and I was absolutely thrilled when I managed to win two of the rares from Jian’s Warrior Wolves gacha for the Epiphany. One of them, the animesh companion wolf, is featured in this post and you’ll probably see the wolf mount soon as well. And I may have to go back to try and win the wandering animesh wolf too, it’d be fantastic together with my Teeglepet horses. But I can’t imagine I’d be that lucky! I absolutely love how well these animesh wolves move and of course how good they look.

To show off the giant wolf I decided to make use of the Pinnacles from Spyralle for La vie en pose, the first set of air platforms for photography with an uncluttered background where you mainly want to show off the environment settings. Myself I dressed in a brand new gown from Faida for a brand new event, Spellbound. Spellbound, run by Juno Mantel of Junbug, features a very nice selection of creators and a magical/fantastical feel just as the name suggests. The Fate gown is sleek and elegant, with the belt being the perfect accent to the clean lines of the gown.

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Familiar Magic

Every witch needs a familiar—a cat, a raven or maybe a rat? In this case, two of them, a cuddly companion on my shoulder and a cheeky little fellow wandering on my worktable. Both come from Jian’s gacha at the Epiphany, with the shoulder companion being the rare item. Jian has been doing almost exclusively animal gachas or animal sets of late and are a great source for pets and companions. I hope they move into animesh when that is released, that would be really interesting.

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Witch Queen

I am staying in an occult mood for this post as well, having several beautiful new witchy sets of jewellery by Voluptas Virtualis to show off as well as a new Witch Hazel dress from the Dreaming Thicket which continues the theme. My new hair from Wasabi is from the pop-up round at the Arcade and I am also wearing more makeup from the Black Magic set by alaskametro, which I absolutely love. Plus, another look at the Straight Jacket shoes from Adam n Eve.

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A Pond of Princes

Ever wonder how the Frog Prince ended up cursed to be a frog in the first place? Perhaps there was a pretty witch whose heart he broke. And perhaps he wasn’t the first prince to do so either. You see, she was a bit of a romantic and couldn’t resist being charmed by handsome princes, but something would always go wrong. The prince would go on a quest and have forgotten all about the witch on his return. Sometimes, there’d be a princess involved. Whatever the cause, the witch’s heart would be broken again and soon enough there would be another addition to the pond in her garden. Over time, it got quite crowded there.

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The Farmstead

Pure home & garden posts are fairly rare for me, usually I want to work in an avatar somewhere in the shot. But it can be detrimental to actually showing off larger pieces of landscaping or, as in this case, a whole building. So, when I couldn’t settle on the right look for my avatar or how to compose the shot with in avatar included, I decided to let the landscaping be the sole focus.

The new release featured here is the Small Longhouse from the Dreaming Thicket, with additional decor pieces from Fanatik, the Little Branch and Jian (if the goats will forgive me for being called decor).

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Goddess of the Hunt

I wasn’t very old when I got my first book on Greek mythology and for a while I could recite some rather long lists of deities and their familial connections. I don’t remember all of it any longer but the stories remain some of my favourites. In most English-speaking countries, the Roman names for various deities and heroes are more commonly used than the Greek ones, but I always preferred the latter and you will occasionally hear me muttering “it is Herakles, not Hercules, dammit”. This gacha outfit from deviousMind, however, is gorgeous even though it is called Diana rather than Artemis. ;) Fact is that while the Romans did end up borrowing a lot of Greek deities and heroes, their own pantheon was quite different before many of the main gods and goddesses ended up merging with their closest Greek counterparts. So it might be more appropriate to refer to Diana and Artemis as “sisters” rather than exactly the same goddess.

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Skin Fair 2018: Adam n Eve & Kanon

I mentioned Skin Fair 2018 in my previous post and now it is time to start with some proper coverage of the event. My plan is to mix it in with my regular blogging by opening up each skin fair blog with a regular “on location” photo as opposed to a plain studio shot of a skin. Then I will give you a good look at the front and back of the skin and a close-up of the face. I do plan to do some more detailed skin reviewing in the write-ups as well, especially if I try any new brands. However, the first post focuses on Adam n Eve and one of the shapes I’ve made for sachi’s new skin under my Kanon brand, so this one is more informative than a proper review.

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Winter Nymph

I’ve spent the day cooking food for tomorrow’s julbord—Christmas smorgasbord—and just managed to get everything finished before midnight. My brain is feeling a little overcooked, though, so I’ll be keeping this brief. I am continuing the farewell to genre with a piece from Noctis, combined with a lovely new skin from Fallen Gods and a gacha hair from Analog Dog. My winter nymph is accompanied by an arctic fox from Jian and sits on the elven throne by HEXtraordinary.

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Pills and Potions

Its that time of the year again, when all of SL gets covered in pumpkins and cobwebs. There are no pumpkins in sight in this post, but a bit of cobweb in the corners and plenty of other witchy things, courtesy of the Plastik and Jian. Also featured is a new Wasabi Pills hair (complete with witchy hat) and a rather cheeky dress from lassitude & ennui for the 10th anniversary of Fallen Gods, which features a market full of different creators.

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Midsummer’s Queen

Midsummer is serious business here in Sweden and as a result I am currently in a bit of a food coma. But of course I had to put together a midsummer inspired scene and fortunately Noble Creations and Paper Moon had just the things I needed for that, with this fantastic throne from the former and the outfit from the latter. I am also wearing another of the new/re-released skins from Adam n Eve, this time Rebecca.

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