Familiar Magic

Every witch needs a familiar—a cat, a raven or maybe a rat? In this case, two of them, a cuddly companion on my shoulder and a cheeky little fellow wandering on my worktable. Both come from Jian’s gacha at the Epiphany, with the shoulder companion being the rare item. Jian has been doing almost exclusively animal gachas or animal sets of late and are a great source for pets and companions. I hope they move into animesh when that is released, that would be really interesting.

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A witch also needs her potions, of course, and these sets of spell ingredients from Paper Moon are just perfect. The bottles come in four colours and each set includes 5 different bottles as well as some ready arrangements of several bottles together. Pay close attention to the labels, they are very nifty! Some Extract of Cobweb Oil, anyone?

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The pretty little dress is from Oubliette, a brand that has an aesthetic that is perfect for the witch in you. They also cover a very nice range of bodies (including Slink Physique, yay) which makes me very happy. The double braid hair style is from Wasabi, also for the Epiphany.

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In fact, the ruin where I setup the witch’s workable is also from an Epiphany gacha, this one by Nomad. It has some really nice decor items for a spooky scene and even if you don’t manage to win the rare church there are other buildings included (like this ruin).


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, LightStar Athena, Mayfly eyes
Skin: Lumae Elentari
Cosmetics: alaskametro Black Magic Eyeshadow & Lipstick (Salem)
Hair: Wasabi Pippa (The Epiphany)
Clothes: Oubliette Aurora Dress Onyx
Poses: Serendipity
Decor: Paper Moon Spooky Spell Ingredients (The Seasons Story), Jian Rascal Rats (The Epiphany) and Raven Collection - Spooky Tree, Nomad Occult Ruins (The Epiphany)

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