Just the other day I had reason to discuss the use of green as a colour to indicate the presence of magic, so it seemed fitting that I would make use of it here as I am showing off the latest fantastical gacha from the Plastik: Spidela. I have mentioned before what I think about spiders—and about having them all over my avatar!—but this is a pretty darn nifty set. It is very sword & sorcery, Spidela could have stepped right out of a Conan comic, and I think it went very well with this Necromancy pose & prop set from chanimations, an old favourite of mine. I also made use of the Petra Chamber add-on for Fanatik’s cave system as the backdrop for a suitably ancient and epic feel.

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Spidela is quite a massive gacha with 4 rares and 29 commons to collect, though you don’t need all of it to create a great look—the many jewellery pieces, for example, work great on their own. Of course, it can’t be denied that the more spectacular elements of the set are very desirable. You can see a an overview of all items here.

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Body Parts: Slink Physique Hourglass body, Slink hands & feet, Vista Zoe, The Plastik eyes
Skin: The Plastik Spidela Gacha (The Epiphany)
Hair: Wasabi Grier
Clothes: The Plastik Spidela Gacha (The Epiphany)
Accessories: The Plastik Spidela Fairy Gacha (The Epiphany)
Poses: chanimations Necromancy
Decor: Fanatik Caves Petra Chamber Add-On, chanimations Necromancy

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