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I do love animesh critters and I was absolutely thrilled when I managed to win two of the rares from Jian’s Warrior Wolves gacha for the Epiphany. One of them, the animesh companion wolf, is featured in this post and you’ll probably see the wolf mount soon as well. And I may have to go back to try and win the wandering animesh wolf too, it’d be fantastic together with my Teeglepet horses. But I can’t imagine I’d be that lucky! I absolutely love how well these animesh wolves move and of course how good they look.

To show off the giant wolf I decided to make use of the Pinnacles from Spyralle for La vie en pose, the first set of air platforms for photography with an uncluttered background where you mainly want to show off the environment settings. Myself I dressed in a brand new gown from Faida for a brand new event, Spellbound. Spellbound, run by Juno Mantel of Junbug, features a very nice selection of creators and a magical/fantastical feel just as the name suggests. The Fate gown is sleek and elegant, with the belt being the perfect accent to the clean lines of the gown.

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There are three different pinnacles in the set from Spyralle, two of which are seen here; the overhanging platform and the triple platform. There is also a single pinnacle suitable for a single avatar. They make for very dramatic photo locations and will be great for showing off the enhanced environments possible with the EEP project once that is released.

The poses used are also from La vie en pose, from the Beach Baby set by Infinity.

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The Warrior Wolves gacha includes the three rares I have already mentioned (all which have multiple coat options) plus five different commons: wandering wolf pups, companion wolf pups, holdable wolf pups, decor and tribal masks. The common wolves are not texture changeable but come in different set coat colours that are winnable separately.


Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, LeLutka Simone head, Mayfly eyes
Skin: League Alessa Pale
Hair: Wasabi Tokyo (The Epiphany)
Clothes: Faida Fate Red (Spellbound)
Poses: Infiniti Beach Baby (La vie en pose)
Decor: Spyralle Pinnacles (La vie en pose)
Companion: Jian Warrior Wolves Gacha - Dire Wolf Companion (The Epiphany)

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