The Farmstead

Pure home & garden posts are fairly rare for me, usually I want to work in an avatar somewhere in the shot. But it can be detrimental to actually showing off larger pieces of landscaping or, as in this case, a whole building. So, when I couldn’t settle on the right look for my avatar or how to compose the shot with in avatar included, I decided to let the landscaping be the sole focus.

The new release featured here is the Small Longhouse from the Dreaming Thicket, with additional decor pieces from Fanatik, the Little Branch and Jian (if the goats will forgive me for being called decor).

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The Small Longhouse is available at the Imaginarium event in four different options; light plaster (seen here), dark plaster, light wood and worn wood.

In this setup, I have resized the longhouse somewhat (smaller than the default) and I have also resized the wooden palisade from Fanatik that I have used to surrounding the house and keep the goats from Jian from running away.

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Decor: Dreaming Thicket Small Longhouse (Imaginarium), Fanatik Wood Works Light, Little Branch Old Oak Tree, Jian Chester the Goat

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