Fairy Music

You still have a few days left before The Gathering gacha event closes on the 15th. I’ll need to be back there myself to try and complete the “Game of Kings” set (if you have pieces to trade, please see my list!), but at least I didn’t have to chase down the gorgeous Elyan set from aisling since I had a review copy of that. I paired it with something from Picture This! that you will be able to get at the Mystic Realms Faire tomorrow (the 10th).

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The Elyan set is very fairy-like with a light, almost whimsical feel. The commons are the armbands, bracelets and wings and they come in silver, gold and black. The rares are the earrings, the necklace, the tiara (where the horn can be turned on or off) and a set of decorations for elf ears (not pictured). The rares are HUD controlled both for the metal and the stones, the commons just for the stones.

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The Sterling pose set from Picture This! consists of five different violin-playing poses with a prop in the right position for each pose. They immediately put me in mind of the Swedish folklore surrounding “N├Ącken”, usually portrayed as a naked man playing a violin in in the rapids of a stream. Sometimes he is also able to transform into a horse which had a habit of drowning people who got into its back.

Picture This! is great for fantasy/roleplay pose sets, often with props and always quite expressive.

The rest of the “look” consists of the Serene skin from Imabee and the Tariel hair from EMO-tions, which is super for when you need a hair that works with a head piece.  I am also wearing mesh eyes from Mayfly.

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