Feathered Queen

This post combines the talents of two of the foremost brands within fantasy accessories—aisling and Alchemy—and their contributions to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

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In Darkness and Light

If you’re not already all in black, its time to let your inner goth out to play because today the World Goth Fair by Cursed Events opens. The event sports an amazing, very appropriate build and an excellent selection of designers. In this post, I am giving just a little taste of that, combined with pieces from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, We Love Role-Play, The Secret Affair and the Dark Style Fair.

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Skin Fair 2015: Tuli

Skin Fair 2015 is only a few days away (March 13th) and it brings with it a welcome return to the world of Second Life skins: a new release by Tuli. Her skins have been among my favourites for a very long time and I still wear some of the previous releases now and then and would do so with regularity if they only had Physique appliers. As tends to be the case with my skin posts, I prefer to go light on clothing to show the body as well as the face, but I could not resist some accessories by aisling, Sax Shepherd Designs and ieQED. I am also giving a look at a skybox from Dysfunctional Designs that I soon hope to show more of.

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Tournament of Love

Valentine’s Day isn’t really much of a tradition here in Sweden, but a touch of romance never hurts. In this case, it appears to be a romance with complication that plays out in the Jousting Pavilion by noctis for We Love Role-Play. I am not sure the royal couple are entirely pleased with each other…

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Desert Dancer

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens today, so prepare to be frustrated once again as you try to win those must-have pieces. I can almost guarantee that the set from aisling that I am featuring here will be the cause of some of that frustration, because it is quite gorgeous. Fortunately, even the commons are utterly stunning and very wearable on their own.

I am also showing a bit of a house from Entity, which is a store I found just yesterday through Plurk and which I will definitely be keeping an eye on from now on.

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Grecian Girl

I keep saying I won’t spend more on gachas and then of course something new comes along that I just can’t avoid giving a few tries. Fortunately, my abysmal luck at The Gathering last month did not carry over to the new round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. That said, though some stores had yet to setup, I don’t know that I will be playing much more than what I’ve already done (well, alright, there’s a few machines I will have to visit). I think the glut in fantasy products is starting to show and it is becoming harder and harder for stores to stand out, especially when it comes to gachas. There are some fantastic-looking pieces available, but they’re not necessarily wildly different from things I already have in my inventory.

My big prize, however, definitely is a stand-out.

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Adam n Eve has recently released two new skins with appliers for Slink Visage - Taliya and Shona. The latter is a darker skin and while none of the current heads are made explicitly for a black skin, Shona can still be used on both Emma and Becky with good results. In this case, I am using Shona on the Emma head and I paired the skin with this amazing outfit from Alchemy from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

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Mummify Me

The most unusual gacha at this round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival has to be the Ensepulcher set, a collaboration between paper moon’s Sohma Dix and Nephilaine Protagonist of (among other things) the Muses. This set will let you release your inner Egyptian, especially if that inner Egyptian has a thing for embalming people! Or perhaps you want to be an intrepid egyptologist, discovering a sealed room with pristine artefacts…and probably a cursed mummy or two?

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A Child of the Forest

Among the lush forests of the Fairylands dwells an elusive creature, whose appearance would seem to suggest that she formed from the very plants and trees of the woodlands. Her skin is painted by nature in hues of green, her curling horns resemble the bark of trees. Pointed ears peek out from tousled red curls and red are also the curious accoutrements she wears, made from flower, vine and leaf. Is she perhaps a forest spirit, guarding the woods from those who might wish them ill? Or is she the last remnant of some long-forgotten race, wandering the woods in hopes of finding one like her?

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Burning Sun

This is an exceptionally good month for fantasy events and I can only apologise in advance to all the creators who have sent gorgeous review copies that I may not have time to cover. I want to showcase as many as possible, but work isn’t leaving me time for more than a post or so a day at the moment.

One of the events on the table for May is We Love Role-Play, as always opening on the 4th of each month. The quality has really been on a steady upwards trajectory and the variety across different genres tends to be quite good as well. For this post, I am wearing one of the event gowns from The Muses together with a hair from Calico (also from We Love Role-Play) and jewellery from Sax Shepherd Designs (for the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival).

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I thought about calling this post “When Events Collide” as it features items from no less than three fantasy-related events opening in May: Enchantment (already open), Fantasy Faire (already open) and Fantasy Gatcha Carnival (opening on the 4th). There was just something about these pieces from Kalopsia, aisling and Sax Shepherd Designs that demanded that they be used together.

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