Grecian Girl

I keep saying I won’t spend more on gachas and then of course something new comes along that I just can’t avoid giving a few tries. Fortunately, my abysmal luck at The Gathering last month did not carry over to the new round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. That said, though some stores had yet to setup, I don’t know that I will be playing much more than what I’ve already done (well, alright, there’s a few machines I will have to visit). I think the glut in fantasy products is starting to show and it is becoming harder and harder for stores to stand out, especially when it comes to gachas. There are some fantastic-looking pieces available, but they’re not necessarily wildly different from things I already have in my inventory.

My big prize, however, definitely is a stand-out.

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The prize in question is one of the ultra rares from Junbug, the Artemis gown in Ivory. The modelling and texturing from Junbug is always impeccable, but this gown is a real stand-out for being a more unusual shape as well. As befits a grecian-inspired gown, it is built around gorgeous drapery, but that is contrasted with an almost corset-like bodice. I love the overall effect of this and I think it could easily work as a more modern gala-style gown as well.

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The Grecian Goddess Necklace is one of the commons from the same gacha and it is clearly designed to work perfectly with the gown, dropping that large stone right in the cleavage. But of course it can be worn without the gown as well, making it a nice prize regardless.

My skin is Faith from PXL in Olive, my hair is Christine from LeLutka which I bought at the Hair Fair but didn’t find the right look for until now. The pavilion is from Dysfunctional Designs.

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