Straw to Gold

If it wasn’t for foolish boasts and ill-considered promises, there would not be many fairy tales to tell. Rumpelstiltskin, the theme for the new round of Enchantment, is a prime example of both. As before, Enchantment is a stamp rally event, meaning that you purchase as many qualifying items from participating merchants that you want and each purchase gives you a stamp card. You then visit all the merchants to fill your card(s) with stamps and then you head off to the prize location to claim one prize per card. The event page has a visual key to all the prizes so that you can determine in advance how many cards you will need.

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One of the prizes, Rumpled by W.Winx & Flair, provides the perfect backdrop for the firsts part of the tale, where the miller’s daughter - due to her father’s boasts - is locked up in a room full of straw to spin it into gold. The Winxbox comes with six poses that position you in various states of despair around the room, though for this particular shot I used a Musa gown pose since the pose at the fireplace didn’t quite work with the gown.

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Speaking of the gown, it is the prize from Dead Dolls, aptly named the Miller’s Daughter Gown. It is a sweet, innocent-looking gown which comes with a HUD for changing the colours between five options. I quite liked the overall shape of the gown, especially the bodice and the ribbon at the waist, though the bottom of the skirt ends up a little simplistic. A few more folds or a little drapery would have given it a bit more life.

The choker worn matches the gown and is the qualifying purchase from Dead Dolls, allowing you to easily match up the pieces.

There are many more great new releases to discover through Enchantment, so make sure to give the prize key a good look and then visit all the participating merchants to get yourself some stamp cards to start filling up.

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