Feathered Queen

This post combines the talents of two of the foremost brands within fantasy accessories—aisling and Alchemy—and their contributions to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

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The Regal Lion is one of the rares from the Alchemy gacha, in one of the three available fur colours. Its an amazing piece of mesh, though it is not what one would call low impact. When you first attach the lion, it may take a while before it stops flickering in and out as all of the versions of the mesh loads in. I wouldn’t ride around on it on a busy sim, but for photos it is absolutely stunning.

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Khatel is the name of aisling’s gacha set and it consists of three rares (headpiece, eyepearls and chestpiece) as well as two arm pieces and one leg piece, each in three base metals, as the commons. A HUD comes with each item, allowing you to customise everything on the rares and everything except the base metal on the commons. This flamboyant set seemed like the perfect outfit for riding a lion through the desert…well, if one isn’t concerned with sunburn, that is.

I also added another aisling piece, since it used the same feather-theme, namely the feather-collar Velasco from the Dark Style 2 Fair.

The skin is PXL’s Verna from We Love Role-Play and the hair is Serena from Wasabi Pills.

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