Mummify Me

The most unusual gacha at this round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival has to be the Ensepulcher set, a collaboration between paper moon’s Sohma Dix and Nephilaine Protagonist of (among other things) the Muses. This set will let you release your inner Egyptian, especially if that inner Egyptian has a thing for embalming people! Or perhaps you want to be an intrepid egyptologist, discovering a sealed room with pristine artefacts…and probably a cursed mummy or two?

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Here is an overview showing the three ultra rare pieces - the drainage table, the instrument table and the scales of justice - as well as one of the rares - the empty table (here with the scales of justice on top of it).

All the instruments shown on the instrument table are also available as separate pieces and these make up the commons and the rest of the rares.

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A closer look at the scales of justice, where the deceased’s heart is weighed against a feather. The scale is really gorgeously done and so are the textures on the tables and the linen cloth on the tables.

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The instrument table, which includes all the instruments and the canopic jars that you can also win separately as commons and rares. The individual instruments and jars can be attached to the right hand and clicked for an animated pose showing you using/handling the item. There is also a pose on the drainage table for a body being prepared.

I love the work that has gone into making this set look so good—and, as far as I can tell, so authentic. These are great props for any scene needing a touch of Egypt - though I suppose the organs might not be as easy to find a fit for a some others. ;)

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