Aisling has not just one but two amazing sets of accessories at the current Fantasy Gacha Festival. The second, Feldream, blends fantasy with rather more science fiction inspired elements, and when I put on the stunning headdress I thought it would go very well with the latest appliers from the Slink Visage heads from Adam n Eve. I also decided to pick up another body suit from Gallactic to finish off the look.

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Feldream consists of one ultrarare (headdress) and three rares (necklace, book, staff) that are changeable via a HUD and three commons (arm, bracers, hands) in three colours (silver, gold, black). As usual with aisling you get an amazing range of options, especially for the rares, allowing you to come up with some very different looks.

Halcyon is the latest bodysuit from Gallactic and it includes appliers for Slink hands & feet as well as various other body parts. This made it perfect for this look where I really wanted the hands covered as well to set off the hand ornament.

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A closer look at various of the Feldream pieces as well as of the new applier skin for the mesh heads from Slink. Taliyah comes in five tones (this is the darkest) and I am wearing her on the Emma head.  The base HUD includes three brow colours, matte and glossy lips, closed, bare and lined eyes and also freckles, a mole and a sunkissed nose. Makeup options will be released soon in a separate HUD.

For striking close-ups and for showing off head accessories, the mesh heads can really offer something above and beyond what the standard avatar can manage. It still isn’t an everyday thing for me, but is no stranger for me to dress up with a mesh head than to dress up as a drow or an elf.

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