The May round of We Love Role-Play includes several gorgeous corsets from brands such as the Library, lassitude & ennui and aisling. I went with the corset from the latter for this post as I wanted a darker look to go with the accessories from Pale Empress for the World Goth Fair.

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The Elsa is a strapped underbust corset that comes in six colours and includes a HUD for customising the look of the corset. You get three fabrics/patterns for each colour and you can also change the metal details, the insides of the straps and the laces separately. I really like the detailing on the straps and the overall shape of the corset; it definitely isn’t just for fantasy roleplay.

I paired the corset with the Luna maxi skirt from Sn@tch and I added the Severina accessories from Pale Empress.  They consist of a beautiful collar and necklace combination (you could also wear either separately) as well as a pair of sandals for Slink’s flat feet. With the sandals you also get a matching manicure and pedicure.

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A closer look at the Severina jewellery; note that the collar consists both of a mesh part and a lace base on a clothing layer.

The hair is Aphrodite from Alice Project who have recently moved and launched a new HUD system with new colour packs. The new HUDs are really sleek and easy to use, but of course they retain the flexibility of colouring different parts of the hair in different colours and to apply streaks on either the whole hair or just on certain parts.

The house and the furnishings—such as the great candlestick in the second shot—are all by Rustica. Poses are by Reel Expression; the Melancholy set always comes in handy for these sort of moods.

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