Tournament of Love

Valentine’s Day isn’t really much of a tradition here in Sweden, but a touch of romance never hurts. In this case, it appears to be a romance with complication that plays out in the Jousting Pavilion by noctis for We Love Role-Play. I am not sure the royal couple are entirely pleased with each other…

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The jewellery that I am wearing is part of the Evil Queen gacha from ieQED for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. All pieces come in gold or silver and the only rare is the tiara. My dress is Senzafine’s stunning Solveig gown.

Also from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is the gorgeous outfit that Ran is wearing, the “Lord of the Tides” from Heathcliff, the male brand from Juno Mantel behind Junbug. It, too, has only a single rare, namely the oh so dashing cape, and the set is perfectly wearable without it. I love every piece about this set and I am so glad to see something like this available for the guys.

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The medieval-style chairs are also from noctis for We Love Role-Play. The jousting set is completed with a gacha where you can win various additional pieces, but I settled for the pavilion and the chairs.

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Both the pavilion and the chairs come with a HUD for changing some of the textures; the banners in the back and the shields in front on the pavilion and the seat texture on the chairs.

Now, if someone would just put out a whole jousting setup, I’d love to have one setup on our sim…

I am keeping my fingers crossed for more great outfits for guys so that I can manage to lure Ran into photos a bit more often. He does a great job behind the camera, but a bit of company in front of it is good too.

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