Burning Sun

This is an exceptionally good month for fantasy events and I can only apologise in advance to all the creators who have sent gorgeous review copies that I may not have time to cover. I want to showcase as many as possible, but work isn’t leaving me time for more than a post or so a day at the moment.

One of the events on the table for May is We Love Role-Play, as always opening on the 4th of each month. The quality has really been on a steady upwards trajectory and the variety across different genres tends to be quite good as well. For this post, I am wearing one of the event gowns from The Muses together with a hair from Calico (also from We Love Role-Play) and jewellery from Sax Shepherd Designs (for the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival).

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I have already expressed my love for the “Dornish” range of gowns from The Muses on several occasions and the recolourings on offer at We Love Role-Play are definitely right up my alley. The colours are inspired by the colours of House Martell and the result is eye-catching.

The intricate jewellery set is another Sax Shepherd Design and this one is for the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival, which I believe also opens on the 4th. I used the HUD to size up the belt enough that it could be worn with the dress, but of course it would also make for a nice jewellery-only look. The set also includes a tiara which I am not wearing here.

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The long, lucious hair is Rym, Calico’s release for We Love Role-Play, and I really like the way she’s done the front of this hair, with one eye covered by hair in a rather saucy way. I love the Gingers pack, it has some really vibrant, fiery reds, just what I wanted for this look.

My skin is Tuli’s Tanya and the poses are from one of the Pose Fair releases from oOo Studios. And speaking of the Pose Fair, it closes tonight, so make sure to get over there if you haven’t had your fill of poses yet.

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