Working Out Those Kinks

ROMP‘s winter fair, Fresh, opens today at noon. As with ROMP’s other events, the focus is “elegant kink” and from the preview that was offered yesterday I would say it does a fine job of living up to that mission statement. There’s furniture and props, clothing, accessories and of course poses. As with most events, there’s more clothing and accessories for the ladies, but there is some for men as well.

bauwerk, the furniture line from 22769, is offering a furniture and prop set where the pieces with animations in come in either pg or adult versions. I decided to set it all up in the new Aspen Villa from Convair for FaMESHed and slipped into some lacy things from Cannibelle, also from ROMP.

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That Christmas Feeling

I wish I was some place like this right now, in a cosy cottage surrounded by snow. Instead, I have am stressing with holiday preparations while it is distinctly green outside. Fuck global warming, I say. The only thing green around Christmas should be the fricking tree.

But oh well, at least I can get a little extra holiday feeling through Second Life. I went on a bit of a splurge during the Black Friday sales and picked up an enormous, heavily discounted (seriously, like 90% off) package of skyboxes and sim surrounds from Landscapes Unlimited. Some of them are getting on a bit in years whereas others use the latest features such as materials and there’s definitely some great options available for giving yourself some larger vistas to work with, whether just as a nice place to hang out or for photos. We’ve still not had time to finish the different environments on our sim (landscaping really isn’t one of my talents), so this will give some great options for different backdrops.

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Drinking Alone

Convair has been turning out some very stylish-looking kitchen prefabs of late and this Ridge kitchen for FaMESHed is no exception. For once, I resisted the urge to play with the adult poses and instead dressed up with a bit of a vintage feel in jewellery from Eclectica and a dress from Sn@tch.

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Pink Fuelled

It has been quite some time since I did a proper skin review with a detailed look at a body. There simply haven’t been much in the way of new skins to look at if by new I mean not just a new face on a previously existing body. I did take a few looks at how various favourite skin lines of mine look on Slink’s Physique mesh body but that’s the closest I’ve gotten to full skin reviews in a while. Until now, that is, and even then it isn’t a brand-new body as such, but it is a (largely) new-to-me body. I have been eyeing Pink Fuel for a while, tempted by the many body options supplied, but none of the faces have been quite to my liking. That is, none of the “normal” faces; I really liked the Drow skin which I did feature in an earlier review, albeit without actually going over the body in detail. I’ll be sorting out that oversight in this review where I will be looking at the brand-new group gift from Pink Fuel (I joined the group—which costs L$250—after seeing the preview of this face on Plurk) together with the Slink Physique appliers.

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Eastern Promises

Aisling has created two stunning jewellery sets for the current round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The Sadhana is designed to have an Asian feel, which reminded me that I had a lovely tea house from Convair to blog. It seemed like a good setting for this seductive dancing girl, wearing a stunning array of jewellery and an eye-catching gown from deviousMind.

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A Private Dinner

I was supposed to be taking a small blogging hiatus around now because I expected to be on vacation. Alas, things got in the way and the blogging interruptions turned out to be less enjoyable. But now I finally managed to set aside some time to dig into my rather large “to blog” pile and this first haul will center on the Birchdale Kitchen from Convair for the current round of FaMESHed.

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Sand and Sea

A little break from role-play inspired posts for something more beachy and summery courtesy of two recent releases from Convair. The weather here at the moment certainly inspires thoughts of sand and water, but in typical Swedish fashion it will no doubt be much more unstable once it is time for our vacation.

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I may be suffering from a slight house addiction in Second Life of late. I suspect I will never get our sim fully landscaped and finished since I can’t avoid rezzing out new shinies rather randomly to setup for photos. Such as this Oakside Bungalow from Convair at the Home Show.

Once you step inside, you’ll also get to see a couple of the new releases from Miamai’s Luxe collection, which launched this weekend.

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Spring Retreat

I don’t usually do posts without an avatar in, but when I went through my recent clothing acquisitions I found that just about everything belongs in a fantasy setting and definitely not in a modern spring cabin furnished as an architect’s springtime retreat! So, for this post I am letting the Convair releases for FaMESHed and The Arcade take center stage all on their own.

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Mesh Heads and Beds

The release of two mesh heads by Siddean Munro of Slink can hardly have passed anyone unnoticed. There is already a wide range of appliers ready from many different skin creators and more will undoubtedly be showing up soon. In this post I will be looking at the Becky head with the Amy applier from Adam n Eve, a Skin Fair exclusive for all those who love freckles. I will also be showing off a brand new release from Convair for the Liaison Collaborative.

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Have I mentioned how much I like the skins from the Shops? Actually, I am pretty sure I have, but it bears repeating. Their faces (this is Pixie, which I already owned in a lighter tone but I ended up needing a somewhat darker one for some photos) really stand out from the jungle of similar-looking skins that are out there today and with the cleavage options now included with each skin the bodies have gotten even better. I absolutely adore the natural cleavage since it works so well with smaller breast sizes and in total there’s six cleavage options, counting the default that is on the skin itself.

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Late Night Drinks

Trompe Loeil’s first release of the year is the Dragon & Orchid Home Pub for FaMESHed. It comes in a PG and an Adult version (no, the difference isn’t that the PG version only serves soda) and as usual I went with the latter. And then I had the idea of using the Ice Queen’s Coat from Junbug and, well, very little else…

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