Have I mentioned how much I like the skins from the Shops? Actually, I am pretty sure I have, but it bears repeating. Their faces (this is Pixie, which I already owned in a lighter tone but I ended up needing a somewhat darker one for some photos) really stand out from the jungle of similar-looking skins that are out there today and with the cleavage options now included with each skin the bodies have gotten even better. I absolutely adore the natural cleavage since it works so well with smaller breast sizes and in total there’s six cleavage options, counting the default that is on the skin itself.

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This isn’t just about gushing over the skin, however. The chair in the background—just look at how stunning the materials look on it!—is from Trompe Loeil for this round of Collabor88 and the prefab is the Architect’s Loft from Convair for FaMESHed.  The chair comes in a PG and an Adult version (guess which one I got?) and is packed full of both single and couple poses. Alas, I did not find that the single poses worked very well for nudes, but that is often the case with seated poses.

My saucy latex gloves are from Adam n Eve and they come with appliers for Slink’s hands and my shoes are the Miranda Glitter Pumps from Alice Project for Slink’s feet.

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The hair is the latest release from Wasabi Pills, Emma, which is out at the Season’s Story. The necklace—also with materials on, but it was hard to capture in these particular shots—is from Maxi Gossamer for Collabor88 and includes gorgeous earrings as well. You get both a gold and a silver version and the stones are texture change.

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Finally, a wider overview of the Convair skybox. Outside the windows there’s a panorama scene that can be changed between a few different cityscapes, though I have to admit that in some of the cases it felt hard to imagine that the apartment would actually have those particular views. Still, they make for a nice backdrop if you don’t examine the location too closely.

The skybox itself is clean and elegant and I particularly like the little balcony at the top.

As usual, the majority of the things I end up featuring are from various events. It seems there’s no end in sight to their popularity, though one wonders how long it will be sustainable for designers. It is quite a lot of pressure to constantly be producing things to someone else’s schedule. Hopefully there’s still room in SL for “regular” in-store sales of items as well.

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