At first, I was curious about the new Curio skins. I was never a devoted Curio wearer, but I do have some of the less “cutsey” faces and I quite like those. However, now I find myself curious for another reason. You see, it would appear that I am banned from the Curio sim. I was completely baffled at first, and I remain pretty mystified even now. It would appear to have something to do with me commenting on the SLU topic discussing the fact that Hush wasn’t removed from the event organised by Skin Addiction. I defended the right of event organisers to wait until there’s some sort of reliable proof before removing a brand from an event and I also said that I couldn’t personally vouch for either brand involved in the dispute. Which was true then and remains true now. Unless I have seen someone created a skin from scratch, I cannot vouch for the legality of the skin.

In any case, if the above is why I am banned from Curio (and if it is something else, then I am really curious and would love to be informed), then good riddance. I wouldn’t want to risk giving any more money to someone who’d react like that. But it sure highlights why bloggers are often so cautious about putting forward any opinion other than praise. Keep in mind that this wasn’t even a critique of Curio, and certainly not an attack on the brand. Obviously, creators can ban you for wearing the wrong colour pants if they want to…but hey, then you know for sure they’re pretty crazy.

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