Seductive Feet

I am not really much of a shoe addict. Or rather, I love boots, but high heels aren’t generally my thing (in SL or RL, for that matter). But when I saw the latest release from Sax Shepherd Designs, the Mata Hari Jeweled Stilettos, I knew I had to get the new high feet from Slink in order to be able to wear these shoes. I can’t resists jewellery and these oh so sexy shoes really are as much jewellery as shoes. I decided to pair them with a barely-there mesh bodysuit from the Plastik and picked up the steamy new poses for today’s 50 L Friday from oOo Studios.

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The Ilazriel bodysuit leaves very little indeed to the imagination and comes in the usual wide array of colours and patterns that tends to be on offer from the Plastik. It is a very naughty little number that manages to seem more naked than wearing nothing at all.

My nails (on both fingers and toes) are also from the Plastik and part of a massive release of stunning Slink nailpolishes. If you are looking for something more than a classic red nail, definitely check out the Plastik.

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The high mesh feet from Slink function just as the previous two releases, the natural/flat feet and the medium high feet. I find that with the new HUD, and especially the alternate HUD with all the extra appliers, most skins can be matched quite well even if they don’t have their own appliers. In this case, however, I am using the appliers from PXL to go with my Faith skin from Hart Larsson.

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The star of this post is, of course, the Mata Hari shoes. These sleek, dangerously high stilettos combine leather with jewels and pearls for a seductive and decadent look. They are beautifully shaped and textured and they use materials for that extra shine and sparkle. They come with a HUD that allows you to control the shoe base, the sole, the metal accent and the gems, with the number of options included depending on which package you have bought.

I can see myself prancing about in these heels for quite a while, I admit, and in SL at least I won’t be at risk of falling and breaking a leg when wearing these gorgeous ornaments on my feet.

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