Shine On

The latest release from Zaara, the Suhina sequin gown, is one of those pieces that just exudes elegance and glamour. There’s a simplicity to it which is balanced by the little details that really make it a stand-out gown; just look at the asymmetric waist and how well it goes with the slit at the bottom. And, of course, the icing on the cake is the use of materials. Just look at the way it catches the light.

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Of course, materials can be tricky to photo since they can give a vastly different appearance to a gown depending on your light settings. What I am wearing here is actually Suhina in Black, but the shine with this particular setting is strong enough that it picks up a lot of gold tones from the light. So you will definitely want to look at the colours as they appear on the vendor to make your decision and of course to try a demo as well to see how it looks with your light settings.

Click for full-sized image

In the close up it is even more apparent how materials allows a much more 3D look to the shading of a garment; the drapery across the bodice really pops when the gown is viewed with materials on. It is still gorgeous even without materials, in case you are unable to have that turned on, but it really does add a whole new dimension to Second Life to have it enabled.

My hair is one of the new releases from Exile, the Slow Burn ponytail, and I am wearing the India skin from the Body Co. For accessories I have the Portia necklace and earrings and the Mata Hari stilettos, both from Sax Shepherd Designs and both with materials enabled as well.

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