That Christmas Feeling

I wish I was some place like this right now, in a cosy cottage surrounded by snow. Instead, I have am stressing with holiday preparations while it is distinctly green outside. Fuck global warming, I say. The only thing green around Christmas should be the fricking tree.

But oh well, at least I can get a little extra holiday feeling through Second Life. I went on a bit of a splurge during the Black Friday sales and picked up an enormous, heavily discounted (seriously, like 90% off) package of skyboxes and sim surrounds from Landscapes Unlimited. Some of them are getting on a bit in years whereas others use the latest features such as materials and there’s definitely some great options available for giving yourself some larger vistas to work with, whether just as a nice place to hang out or for photos. We’ve still not had time to finish the different environments on our sim (landscaping really isn’t one of my talents), so this will give some great options for different backdrops.

Click for full-sized image

The Elmswood Cottage from Convair is available at this month’s round of FaMESHed and it comes either with or without the snow and the lights. The cottage is a lovely design for a little winter retreat and as always I adore the size of Convair’s products; I don’t feel like I am visiting a giant’s home. There are several larger areas downstairs and cosy smaller rooms upstairs, all with plenty of light from windows.

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Just like in my RL home, the holiday decorations here aren’t fully done. But I did get a few things up (the tree is from Convair and Pixel Mode, the stuffed stockings from Apple Fall) to provide a little scene for the adorable rare from aisling for this round of the Arcade: Zak and Zoe at play. The full set has 8 commons and 2 rares, with 4 being wearable and 6 rezzable.

With our own almost 5 months old boxer puppy causing mischief most of his waking hours, I can definitely image what Christmas would be with two adorable little rascals. I would just rather not do it. ;)

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