I may be suffering from a slight house addiction in Second Life of late. I suspect I will never get our sim fully landscaped and finished since I can’t avoid rezzing out new shinies rather randomly to setup for photos. Such as this Oakside Bungalow from Convair at the Home Show.

Once you step inside, you’ll also get to see a couple of the new releases from Miamai’s Luxe collection, which launched this weekend.

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The Oakside Bungalow is inspired by a 1920’s American bungalow according to the creator, Tobias Convair. I am afraid I have to simply take him at his word for that since I know very little about bungalows, American or otherwise. But what I do know, and this is largely why I applied to blog for Convair, is that I love the fact that the house is very realistically sized and will fit a more realistically sized avatar perfectly.

To experience it at its best, you may want to change your camera angle somewhat—there’s a great guide to why and how here.

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Inside the house there are two fireplaces and at this one I am showing another recent release from Convair (this one for FaMESHed), namely the fireplace grate and fireplace tools. Low prim yet very detailed, these are perfect additions to any fireplace, not just the ones in this particular house.

My outfit consists of two pieces from the Miamai Luxe collection, the Anya Gown and the Kalia Top. I was lucky enough to win a fatpack of the Kalia Top at the release party and the options are quite overwhelming. The top comes in three looks/materials, and each of those comes in a number of colours. Add to that a HUD that allows you to customise the trim around the neckline. The Anya gown/skirt has a really unique shape, beautifully modelled, and it too comes in two variants, plain and patterned. Both garments make use of materials for added realism.

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The hair is Francine from Calico, released for the current round of We Love Role-Play, and I thought it was spot on for this elegant look and for the feel of the house as well. Calico has some really lovely reds in her new colour packs and her mesh hairs just keep getting better.

I am still stuck in my lovely pale Pixie skin from the Shops and my eyes are, as almost always, Mayfly’s mesh eyes, here in Deep Emerald.

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