I may be suffering from a slight house addiction in Second Life of late. I suspect I will never get our sim fully landscaped and finished since I can’t avoid rezzing out new shinies rather randomly to setup for photos. Such as this Oakside Bungalow from Convair at the Home Show.

Once you step inside, you’ll also get to see a couple of the new releases from Miamai’s Luxe collection, which launched this weekend.

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Into the Woods

On February 1st the 2nd round of Enchantment will be opening. This time the inspiration is Little Red Riding Hood. There will be red gowns, wolves and baskets, yes, but that is not all that the participating designers have been inspired to create. Still, for my first post about the event, I simply had to feature the Blanchette gown in red from Miamai together with the Little Red medallion and ring from Bokeh.

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