The Sun and Spear

ieQED has been producing a nice series of A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones inspired (but wholly original in design) crowns for various gatchas and for the Secret Affair the set included one called Sunspear. Being the big fan of Dorne that I am, I knew I wanted to feature it, so this look and these photos were largely built around the crown. The other item I really wanted to focus on was this brand-new henna designs from Chandra Masala’s Jalwa brand. It includes both arm and leg designs which you will see in more detail inside the post.

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This particular henna is called Sameera and it includes hand, arm, foot and leg pieces. I know that Chandra really knows her henna designs, so you are not just getting some random clipart here but a beautifully executed, authentic design. And, you do not have to give up any of your mesh body parts since it comes with appliers for slink hands and feet as well as the Phat Azz if you are using that.

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The Sunspear crown, here shown in copper, combines the sun and spear from the Martell heraldry for a striking crown design. The modelling and the texturing from ieQED is really top notch and whatI really like about their gatchas is that I am often quite as happy with the commons, since all the metal choices are very nicely executed. The gatcha for the Secret Affair includes this design as well as a Lion crown and a Rose crown, the latter being very feminine and elegant. Also available at the Secret Affair are pauldrons to match the Sunspear crown, and these are sold straight up rather than via a gatcha so you can easily match the colour of the crown you have.

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As usual, I can’t resist a less clothed shot. My excuse here (not that I always need one ;) is showing off the foot and leg portion of the Sameera henna design as well as giving another good look at the lovely Shirin skin from DeeTalez.

The dress is Sweet Water, another of the Dorne-inspired gowns from the Muses, and you will notice that I’ve finally managed to crack how to get the materials to show just right in Firestorm. They kept coming out too reflective for me, even when it wasn’t something very reflective, like a metal. The key is turning off Screen Space Reflections, should anyone else be having the same issues. The superbly modelled cloak is from FATEplay’s We Love Role-Play offering, which unfortunately I had to pass on covering in detail as I felt that between its design and its name, it was too obviously Game of Thrones merchandise.

My hair is one of Magika’s gorgeous ultra-long hairs, Take, and I am also wearing a new colour of the mesh eyes from Mayfly, Midnight Oil. Poses are a mix of Diesel Works and Exposeur.

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