A new release from the Plastik generally means some sexy, versatile pieces in a wide array of colours and patterns. The latest release features a clothing layer bikini, a sexy dress and the distinctly minimal Raedra skirt which I picked out for this post.

Also featured in this post is my first hair purchase from EMO-tions. I cannot believe it has taken me so long to try them!

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The Raedra skirt is definitely quite minimal in size, but not in details, featuring crisp zippers and tiny heart-shaped zipper pulls as accents. I decided to pair it with the tall and sexy Proteus boot, here in a special recolouring for last weeks Fifty Linden Friday but it is of course available in a wide range of colours as a regular release as well.

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A better look at the detailing on the skirt - its quite amazing how much mesh allows you to pack in on such a small surface! I am wearing the colour/pattern called “Rugged”, which looks like a slightly rough leather surface.

Also from the Plastik are the Krysis earrings and the Krysis choker; like the boots, this particular colour was released for Fifty Linden Friday, but there are others available in-store as well as a wide range of other jewellery.

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I do love finding a new hair designer (even if my virtual wallet doesn’t), but it is admittedly kind of crazy that I haven’t tried out EMO-tions before. They’re widely used by those who blog roleplay/fantasy looks and I think I’ve just been stuck on believing that they used to be no mod. As it happens, that matters less with mesh (though it is always nice to be able to tint), plus the hairs are in fact (at least the ones I got) modifiable as far as is possible with mesh.

What I really love about the EMO-tions hairs I have tried so far is that for styles that are pulled back or meant to look quite sleek, they really have modelled them close to the head and used excellent hairbases to create a great hairline. Naturally I am also a big fan of the fact that they seem to be making a lot of styles that do work superbly with fantasy looks, especially updos and styles without bangs.

There’s two things I’d like to see improved about the hairs in general. First, I think these close-fitting styles should include an alpha. I ended up using one from another hair for this one since my shape has quite a wide head. Second, I think the range of colours could use some work. I don’t think a hair maker necessarily needs a massive range of colours, but while the two dark reds in the red pack are stunning, the lighter two seem a lot less natural.

My skin is Audrey from Tuli in the Petal tone and the bed in the background is from MudHoney.

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