Eastern Promises

Aisling has created two stunning jewellery sets for the current round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The Sadhana is designed to have an Asian feel, which reminded me that I had a lovely tea house from Convair to blog. It seemed like a good setting for this seductive dancing girl, wearing a stunning array of jewellery and an eye-catching gown from deviousMind.

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The Sadhana set consists of three rare items (tiara, necklace and earrings, fans) and nine common (three different arm ring sets, three different leg ornament sets and three different finger ornament sets). The items are modifiable so that you can easily resize them and the colours are controlled via HUDs. There’s a number of preset colour combinations as well as a choice between gold and silver for the metal.

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I really like the variety in the various commons for this set. Because they are all a bit different, you could easily make use of them on their own, without it looking like the rest of the set was missing. That, to me, is a good way to do a gacha; you can use individual pieces if you don’t get a full set, but it is still fun to collect the whole thing.

The rest of the look consists of the Hanako skin by Adam n Eve (with Physique appliers, of course), the beautiful Adore hair by Alice Project and the Arabesque gown by deviousMind. The house, as noted before, is the Tea House by Convair, a very elegant little prefab which features openable door panels all along three of the sides, which can give some great lighting for photos.

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