A late-night quickie so that I get one more post in before I disappear for a few days to go to the WorldCon in London. The current rounds of Enchantment and We Love Role-Play provided so many great outfits and accessories that I feel as if I am still only scratching the surface. I will simply have to keep scratching when I come home!

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This gorgeous, ornate gown is Jeune Mairee in Gold by the Muses, created specifically for the Bluebeard round of Enchantment. The gown is also available in Pink and in White and it comes in both standard sizes and as a fitmesh version, which is the one that I am wearing. By purchasing the gown you get one stamp card, which you then fill with stamps to claim one of the exclusive Enchantment prizes (the prize from the Muses is a necklace that goes perfectly with the gown).

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I paired the gown with two accessories from We Love Role-Play; the Nouveau Collar by Folly and the Coiled Hair & Crown by Chimeric Fashions. The collar is scripted for texture changing and there is almost too many options! You can change every little detail of this statement piece, making it match just about any outfit.

The hair is the first I have seen from Chimeric Fashions, who have participated in several rounds of We Love Role-Play with elaborated masks. The texturing of the hair feels a little rough still, but I really like the idea and the overall shape and look of this very stylized hair.

The photos were taken at Venexia—always a great spot for a grand gown—and the poses are from LAP’s “Gown with the Wind” set. I am wearing the Physique mesh body with appliers for Adam n Eve’s Siobhan skin.

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