Sun Queen

We’re back home again from the WorldCon in London (where we had a fabulous time) and even though I picked up a bit of a cold as a souvenir, I really wanted to start catching up on some of the events that I did not manage to cover enough before leaving. To start, I am revisiting the current round of We Love Role-Play as well as adding in a dash of La Metallique, a special round of L’accessoires.

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The Majestic gown from Peqe is for We Love Role-Play and majestic it certainly is. The gown is mesh, in standard sizes, but the sleeves are actually fixed in this position, so you do need to alpha out your whole arms. But even so it works with a lot of poses and it really gives a very regal look to the ensemble. I love the colour of the gown and its patterning; its very rich and sumptuous.

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Also from We Love Role-Play is the Mylene hair by Calico, which is a variant of the Helenia hair that features the same long, thick braid but a totally different look around the head. The cork-screw curls draped across each shoulder frame the face beautifully.

The striking Burst Metal Crown is from ieQED for La Metallique and the Bronze version that I am wearing here is an event exclusive, so you won’t be able to get that one in-store later on. This is quite the crown and I think it can transition really beautifully from a fantasy look to a high-fashion look.

I am wearing PXL’s Mia skin with appliers for the Physique body by Slink and although you cannot see it because the dress hides it, this is in fact a preview of an upcoming update to the Physique body. Can I just say more alpha options? In fact, lots more alpha options. Oh, and added roundness here and there. Definitely something to look forward to.

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