This all started with this robe from Peqe for The Secret Affair, which appealed to my naughty side and definitely needed to be showcased. But it took me a while to come up with the rest of the pieces, which ended up being hair by Truth, accessories by Zaara and some lovely lights in the background by Jian.

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Sun Queen

We’re back home again from the WorldCon in London (where we had a fabulous time) and even though I picked up a bit of a cold as a souvenir, I really wanted to start catching up on some of the events that I did not manage to cover enough before leaving. To start, I am revisiting the current round of We Love Role-Play as well as adding in a dash of La Metallique, a special round of L’accessoires.

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Dysfunctional Designs has this fabulous Library Set out for the May round of We Love Role-Play and you really don’t want to miss it. It is packed full of different shelf options and could easily by used to setup anything from just a single shelf in a room to a full library. All pieces come with several wood options, so you can fit them to a range of rooms.

For a couple of more looks at the library parts, some other We Love Role-Play pieces and a gorgeous new hair from Analog Dog, read on.

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