Dysfunctional Designs has this fabulous Library Set out for the May round of We Love Role-Play and you really don’t want to miss it. It is packed full of different shelf options and could easily by used to setup anything from just a single shelf in a room to a full library. All pieces come with several wood options, so you can fit them to a range of rooms.

For a couple of more looks at the library parts, some other We Love Role-Play pieces and a gorgeous new hair from Analog Dog, read on.

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Much of the Library set could be used as furnishings for a more modern room as well, though the desk does have a more medieval feel to it, and the same goes for the shelves with scrolls on, of course!

The pieces are all well made and textured with great attention to detail. They are also made to quite a realistic size, which means they fit our short (by SL standards) avatars very well indeed. Given all of this, Dysfunctional Designs has become a place I keep a close eye on for furnishings and props.

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I am wearing Margaret, one of many, many stunning gowns that the Muses have released since the advent of mesh. This autumn colour is a stunning combination of rich orange and brown.

My hair is a brand new release from Analog Dog called Aeris. It combines rigged mesh with a flexi attachment and I just love that Queue Marlowe is back to doing her gorgeous curls. There just isn’t enough really curly hair since mesh, but this extra-long style should take care of some of those cravings.

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I finally managed to lure Ran into a shot as well—he prefers being behind the camera—and he is showing off some of the pieces for men that are available at this round of We Love Role-Play. Yes, indeed, there’s menswear and quite a few pieces at that!

The elegant red “tunic of Horlow” is from Peqe and it is fitted mesh. He’s combined it with the leggings and boots from Exalted’s Woodland Strider outfit. His hair is Darius from Wasabi Pills, released for the Fantasy Faire.

We’ll be leaving the library setup out on our sim (Revelations) for now, so if you want to take a look at it, feel free to drop by.

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