This all started with this robe from Peqe for The Secret Affair, which appealed to my naughty side and definitely needed to be showcased. But it took me a while to come up with the rest of the pieces, which ended up being hair by Truth, accessories by Zaara and some lovely lights in the background by Jian.

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The Dis Robe comes in two versions; open and closed. The closed was also very nice and makes for an elegant fantasy gown, but the open seemed like the more fun version to me. It could be combined with some clothing beneath, I suppose, but that wasn’t the look I wanted this time.

The Taradha lights by Jian are out for We Love Role-Play. They come in seven frosted textures in different colours and in five versions; three hanging and two for standing on a table. Seen in this picture is the set of three table lights, with the texture set to gold.

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The Ishya hair by Truth is out for Uber and features a thick, intricate braid that joins two braids that start at the front of your head. It comes with a jewelled accessory as well, but for this look I didn’t want anything that’d compete with the Banjara necklaces by Zaara.

The skin worn is Shirin by DeeTalez in the MixedType tone and I’ve added an eyeshadow by alaskametro; SmokeShow in Desert Rose.

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