The Audience

Senzafine‘s release for The Fantasy Collective is a gown with some of the most lush textures and striking colour combinations that I’ve seen in Second Life. As often happens when I have something really pretty to blog, I found myself a bit daunted—how could I do it justice? I’ll leave it up to you to decide how well (or not) I managed. I did decide I needed to call in my favourite prop, aka Ran, to make more of a scene of it.

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So, we have me in Araceli from Senzafine. There are two colour HUDs available, each with four different looks. They are all quite vibrant, jewel-toned gowns, fit for any queen. I decided to wear the Niobe face veil and head chain from ieQED as jewellery, in part because the head chain went so well with the Shriya hair from Wasabi Pills for Uber. Shriya does come with a head chain as well, but the colours of the Niobe chain worked better with the gown.

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Ran is seated on His Chair by

Dysfunctional Designs, which comes in a PG and an Adult version. Its a classic medieval-inspired chair which is perfect as a piece of furniture in Khan’s Keep, a skybox also by Dysfunction Designs. However, the chair also comes with other textures than wood, such as a more plastic look, meaning it can fit into a more modern room as well.

Ran’s outfit is a mix of pieces from Stitched and Junbug’s Heathcliff brand and he wears a hair from Dura. My skin is Kimber from DeeTalez, in the Celtic tone.

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