A Gothic Mesh

Mesh clothing still has its issues, at least until we get the help of the deformer, but mesh definitely shines when it comes to furniture. Maxwell Graf of Rustica has just released a gothic chair and matching table, all in mesh, and of course we needed them for our house from Rustica.

Also shown in these photos is a brand-new mesh hair from Alice Project; Alice Demonia is releasing a new hair every day for the next 10 days and offering great discounts on her already great prices.

Winter Insolence

We’re nearing Christmas and its time to get that shopping done…as I know all too well, having just had a little RL crisis in terms of planned gifts going awry. But at least I got my photos done first so that you get a look at this new lingerie set from Insolence, the Collabor88 items from Earthstones and a new hair from Wasabi Pills. Also, read on for a hint about a limited edition skin for 99 L.

Waiting for Winter

Not a sign of winter around here as of yet, in contrast to last year. But at least plenty of wintry clothes and props are starting to appear in SL and LostAngel Industries are doing there part with several new winter-related props in their Winter Village, among them the carousel I’ll be showing here.

I am also mixing and matching a few pieces from the Meli separates by elymode which feature some gorgeously drawn ribbons and bows as accents and I am wearing a bit of mesh: a new hair from Wasabi Pills and the rigged mesh feet from Slink.

Skin Bargains, Lingerie and Poses

What a day for shopping. Not only so many sales that you can’t possibly manage to visit them all but also some fabulous new releases. In this post, you are getting a look at the Jamila skin (and my shape for it) from Adam n Eve—the skin is discounted 60% for the Skin Addiction Black Friday sale and I have the shape out at 50% off to match—together with some amazing new lingerie from Nomine and a set of unisex(y) model poses from Studio Sidhe.

The Amazing Warehouse

Black Friday is upon us, and The Warehouse is here with a massive L$100 sale on select items from some of the foremost brands in SL, both past and present: Naughty, Armidi, The Abyss, The Body Co., as well as a preview collection from The Boutique. Suffice it to say, there’s a whole lot of value there. Quite a lot for women, yes… but some excellent items for men, as well!

Sale at the Warehouse

Are you in the Warehouse group? If not, you better get in there right away because you do not want to miss the sale starting at 12:01 AM on the 25th. Thousands of items from Armidi, Naughty, the Abyss, the bodyco and more are on sale for just L$100. Clothing, accessories, hair and even skins.

I am showing just a few of my favourites in this post; three gorgeous skins from the Abyss and clothing from Armidi. I am also showing the newest prop from LostAngel, the Stage.

Black and Silver

I couldn’t resist going back to Venexia for some more shots, though with rather more modern styling featuring a coat from Sascha’s Designs as the main item. I am also using a skin from Dutch Touch, which sadly will be closing once the store no longer pays for itself according to an announcement by Iki Ikarus earlier this week.


A short while ago, Siyu Suen of Illusions released a fantastic mesh mask in a male and a female version. I am showing the female version today and just a few of the stunning colours that the script allows you to change to.

I am also showing a Rococo gown and a beautiful embroidered Rococo fan from Wunderlich’s and the photos are taken at the gorgeous Venexia sim.

Vintage Variety

I’ve had a busy week in RL, but I did clear out the weekend to get some reading done plus some more Vintage Fair photos. Its open until December 3rd and much less laggy now, so make sure to pay it a visit if you haven’t.

I am also showing off a pair of new mesh pumps from Alice Project with an insane amount of options.

Lounging in Vintage Style

For this post on the Vintage Fair, I’ve gathered three of my SL addictions; skins, jewellery and pose props. The skins are from Curio, who has two new lines for the fair. The jewellery is from Caroline’s Jewelry and Amorous and the pose props are from LostAngel.

I’ve also got a different sort of prop in the shape of Ran for the first two shots, which called for a couple.

Men of Iron

I’ve had a fascination with knights and chivalry since childhood, and double-majored in history with a focus on medieval studies in my early college days… so it’s probably no surprise that I adore amazing examples of medieval architecture, furniture, clothing, and weaponry in Second Life. And, of course, amazing examples of medieval armor. I’ve previously reviewed the sculpted plate harness from Silhouette Warfare, but this Milanese armor takes the cake—it’s an improvement on (nearly) all fronts, thanks to the high detail and the rigging that the extensive use of mesh allows.

A Last Vintage Sneak Peek

Just around an hour to go until the Vintage Fair opens and time for the last of my three sneak peeks. Though not the last post, I have plenty more goodies to showcase.

In this post, I look at a charming dress from Icing, a beautiful necklace from Caroline’s and one of two new skins for the Vintage Fair from Curio.

More Vintage Elegance

Only a few hours now until the Vintage Fair opens at 4 PM and here’s another sneak peek. This time featuring a lovely dress from The Sea Hole, a gorgeous necklace from Donna Flora and, once again, the Rosemary hair from Alice Project. The skin is Piper from Adam n Eve, a striking freckled skin.

Vintage Fair

The Vintage Fair opens tomorrow (November 11th) at 4 PM SLT. I’ve spent the last two days browsing all the stores—this is a huge event—and getting a few blog posts ready.

This is the first one, featuring League’s gorgeous vintage lingerie, some stunning jewellery from Amorous and a vintage-style mesh hair from Alice Project. Plus poses by oOo Studios, also new for the Vintage Fair, and the Ariadne skin by Adam n Eve (not from the fair).

A Taste of Freckles

To show off the lovely new Piper skin from Adam n Eve—which has gorgeous freckles—I headed for the charming French bakery on Alchemy Immortalis. I also slipped into the new “one size fits all” mesh skirt from Ingenue, yet another new mesh hair from Wasabi Pills, new mesh boots from Insolence and some lovely new jewellery from Dark Mouse. Whew, I think that’s all the newness this time.