Making Magic

I can’t believe it is already June (the fact that the weather feels more like April—at best!—probably has something to do with it), but apparently it is true because the June round of We Love Role-Play is about to open at 3 pm SLT. This time, I find myself fully kitted out in new releases from the event, from creators such as PXL, Calico, Luminary, lassitude & ennui and ieQED.

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Starting with the skin, PXL has another new face on offer. Shara comes in Light Tan and Natural and is available in three different makeups, with each including some tattoo layer extras such as freckles and the “eyebrow branch” worn here. Shara is a strong, distinctive face with very nice cheek shading; very much to my tastes.

The sunburst necklace by lassitude & ennui is called Sunna and comes in black, gold or silver on a black or white cord. A simple little charm necklace that could fit into a variety of looks. I paired it with some more jewellery; the Lina rings by ieQED which can be worn in several different combinations. It also comes with a HUD for changing the metal and the stones.

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The hair is Helaine by Calico, which consists of a fitted mesh part and a flexi attachment. Its a partial updo with part of the hair twisted in a circlet around the head and gathered at the back while the rest is left loose. A very pretty style for roleplay looks.

The dress by Luminary is called Hayden and I really like the quite structured look of the fabric as well as the unusual neckline and sleeves. It comes in five colours, with Rust seen here.

The potion bottles are from (sadly) closed-down Alchemy Immortalis—they packaged their jewellery in those—and the alchemist’s workbench is from chanimations.

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