Priestess of the Sea

One of my oh so useful degrees is in classical history & Mediterranean archaeology, with a particular focus on the Bronze Age. I’m deeply fascinated by the Minoan and Mycenaean civilisations, both the historical and the legendary aspects. But I am not going to turn this into a lecture, just say that I was thrilled to see this collaboration gown from Faida and Junbug at The Fantasy Collective.

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The Princess of Micenea is based on the style of gown that we see Minoan and Mycenaean women depicted as wearing in frescoes and statuettes from the period. Whether this gown with its bared breasts and many-tiered skirts was the standard garment for women at that time or whether it was more of a ceremonial garment is hard to say. Here, I’ve decided to stage a ritual of some kind, using one of the Odyssey buildings by Fallen Gods. The sea connection is of course very appropriate.

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The hair is Tableau Vivant‘s Cersei hair from We Love Role-Play. I don’t think there is a properly Minoan or Mycenaean hairstyle to be had in Second Life, but the stylized curls of this hair are in the right direction.

The bold necklace is the Grecian Goddess Necklace by Junbug from an earlier gacha.

The skin is PXL’s Verna, also from We Love Role-Play, and the poses are from various of the Sourceress sets by chanimations.

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