Swamp Thing

deviousMind released the fantastic Thyia gacha for the last round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The set has now moved into the deviousMind mainstore for those of you who still have collections to complete. You might not, for example, have some of the gorgeous rares that I am showing in these posts.

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A Child of the Forest

Among the lush forests of the Fairylands dwells an elusive creature, whose appearance would seem to suggest that she formed from the very plants and trees of the woodlands. Her skin is painted by nature in hues of green, her curling horns resemble the bark of trees. Pointed ears peek out from tousled red curls and red are also the curious accoutrements she wears, made from flower, vine and leaf. Is she perhaps a forest spirit, guarding the woods from those who might wish them ill? Or is she the last remnant of some long-forgotten race, wandering the woods in hopes of finding one like her?

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Pure Elegance

We Love Role-Play has just opened its February round at a brand new, gorgeous-looking location. This round offers the usual mix of clothing, accessories and props to cover all your roleplay needs. It slants towards fantasy, but there are some steampunk and sci-fi inspired products as well. My tastes do run primarily to fantasy, however, so my first picks are a lovely gown from the Plastik and a striking accessory from Enfant Terrible, plus a subtle and very useful lip tint from Musa.

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For the upcoming round of We Love Role-Play (opening later today, the 4th of August), the participating creators have produced some really striking pieces. My instant favourite has to be the Penghel armour from the Muses, but there’s plenty more to choose from when it comes to outfits for both ladies and warrior women.

Of course, the right skin is also a crucial part of a roleplay look, and the Plastik has some great options for fey, otherworldly looks with their Elven skins; my favourite ended up being the Moon tone.

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