Pure Elegance

We Love Role-Play has just opened its February round at a brand new, gorgeous-looking location. This round offers the usual mix of clothing, accessories and props to cover all your roleplay needs. It slants towards fantasy, but there are some steampunk and sci-fi inspired products as well. My tastes do run primarily to fantasy, however, so my first picks are a lovely gown from the Plastik and a striking accessory from Enfant Terrible, plus a subtle and very useful lip tint from Musa.

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The Mirielle dress, here in Purity, is a versatile mesh gown which the Plastik is offering in a range of very varied patterns. This one could be seen as having a fairy or elven look, but there are also patterns/fabrics that give the gown a darker, more sinister appearance or a rougher, more basic look. I really like this approach to texturing a garment, because it shows that you can create so many different looks from the same mesh, and it is so refreshing to find colours and textures beyond the standard reds and blacks (as much as I love those too).

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I did say it was versatile too, didn’t I? The dress actually consists of an undergown and an overgown and the former can be worn alone (technically, you could wear just the overgown too, so I may have to get an alpha that works for that…). All of a sudden you have quite a modern look, depending on how you accessorize it. In this case, I am wearing the necklace part of Enfant Terrible’s Decor Armor in Bronze. It also comes with a set of ornate pauldrons, but here I wanted to focus just on the intricate chains, which make for a stunning complement for a gown like this.

My skin is Alana from the Skin Shop, worn with a Musa lip tint which I found worked very well with a variety of lip shapes. This one really adds a nice, natural darkening to the lip. My hair is Rowan, a recent release by Truth, and these photos were taken at the gorgeous and dreamlike alirium sim. I really liked the colour palette of the trees together with the gown and the jewellery.

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