For the upcoming round of We Love Role-Play (opening later today, the 4th of August), the participating creators have produced some really striking pieces. My instant favourite has to be the Penghel armour from the Muses, but there’s plenty more to choose from when it comes to outfits for both ladies and warrior women.

Of course, the right skin is also a crucial part of a roleplay look, and the Plastik has some great options for fey, otherworldly looks with their Elven skins; my favourite ended up being the Moon tone.

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I thought I would use this pose (with included bow prop) from Musa to show how well-rigged and action-friendly this mesh armour from the Muses really is. It isn’t a single piece, and some of the add-ons aren’t rigged, but the core parts are and they really work like a charm for these sort of shots.

And not only is it rigged mesh, it is mesh with materials on. Just look at how it manages to create the illusion of embossed details on the chest piece.

The Penghel armour is available in Black and Red as well as Brown and Bone.

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The Plastik is offering a selection of horns as well as several different variations on their Elven skin for this round of We Love Role-Play. The skin is part of the Astrali line, which I reviewed earlier in the year. Like the regular Astrali skins, the Elven skins come with a wide variety of tattoo layer options for customising the look of the skin. A total of six tones are available.

As noted, the bow pose is from Musa (who is also taking part in the We Love Role-Play event, though with a different pose set this time) and the other pose is from Exposeur. The hair is one of the new releses from Slink, the Marling Tail, which I thought was just perfect for a warlike elf maid.

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