A Rare Jewel

A lovely gown from We Love Role-Play, a taste of the jewellery fair and a new skin form the basis for this post. In the coming days, I expect to revisit the jewellery fair and do a full review of the skin (and its Physique appliers), but for now I am staying dressed (for once!).

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From Senzafine comes the stunningly textured Aravereth gown. I absolutely love the mix of patterns and colours. This colour combination, called Tyrian Forest, is not one of those available at We Love Role-Play, but I promise that those are every bit as stunning.

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The reason that I picked this particular colour was to go with the beautiful earrings from AZE Designs for the jewellery fair. The Eger Baroque earrings in emerald are intricate and opulent, very much in the baroque tradition. There are three different variants of baroque earrings released for the fair, each in two different jewel options, and they are all inspired by 17th century Central European designs.

The hairstyle which shows off the earrings so well (I need more of these!) is Jean from Wasabi Pills in Rye.

My skin is from a new-to-me designer who recently returned to Second Life, Imabee. Serene in the Splendor makeup is currently available on the Marketplace for only L$200, which is a very generous price point that is perfect for trying out a new skin. I will definitely be giving the skin a closer look in an upcoming post, but for now I will say that I very much enjoy the almost ethereal feel of the faces on the Imabee skins.

My eyes are from Mayfly which, other than my FATEeyes, are my go-to mesh eyes. I love the customisation options that you get with the new Luminous line in particular and these Golden Amber eyes from the latest batch released are just one of many stunning options available.

Poses, finally, are by Musa for We Love Role-Play. I love her Gown and Fantasy pose lines and this set of Gown poses included some really lovely kneeling/sitting poses for gowns, something I have wanted for ages. I could use a ton more.

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