This all started with lassitude & ennui’s gorgeous Buccaneer Boots for We Love Role-Play. Initially, I found myself at a loss for what to wear with them as my fantasy/history inventory consists of around 95% gowns, but then I remembered the Mirdain outfit by Senzafine. I accessorised with some gacha pieces from Sax Shepherd Designs and stayed in my new skin from Pink Fuel, topping off with a new hair from Truth.

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The Mirdain leggings and tunic are perhaps more elven than piratical, but I love the way they are textured and the relaxed fit of the tunic. Not all mesh needs to be form-fitting and clingy, after all. And there definitely needs to be more separates for fantasy/historical wear. Not all of it needs to be mesh, either; applier leggings that could work with various role-play style tops would be perfect. But these Mirdain leggings are fortunately quite versatile and would probably combine very well with a range of different tops.

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The necklace and headpiece were part of Sax Shepherd Design’s gacha for the last round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. They come with a HUD to change the metal parts, but the beads are preset into two different colour combinations - this one is called Trinidad. They’re not too flashy and have a distinct piratical charm.

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Finally, a close look at the stunning boots. They are beautifully modelled with gorgeous, realistic folds and come with a HUD that allow you to change between shiny leather and suede for the fold-over as well as select different colours for the stacked heel and the laces. These are a must for every fashion-conscious pirate or rogue.

The Posy hair from Truth is a nicely casual and tousled pony tail for this kind of look and of course I am in all of my Slink body parts with skin and appliers from Pink Fuel. The poses are from various sets by aDORKable.

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