Fantasy Faire 2020 - Mythos at the Fairelands

Fantasy Faire 2020 is finally here and the Fairelands will be with us until Sunday, May 10th. This year, the Fairelands are made up of 18 sims offering fantastic shopping as well as art galleries, performances, the LitFest and many other things. As always, the event is raising money for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

Your journey through the Fairelands is best begun at the Fairelands Junction and to give you a little hint of what the other realms have to offer, I sent Mythos, the Teeglepet Pegasus (which you can get at Teegle’s Faire Store), on a flying tour.

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Fantasy Faire 2018: Strange Woods

Today it was time to flit through the woods on delicate fairy wings, discovering a clearing full of strange and wonderful flowers and vines from Adorably Strange Wares.  The beautiful Daphne dress from the Muses felt like something a fairy might wear and the autumn colour went nicely with the wings from Les Encantades. But a fairy doesn’t need to keep to one season, so the Gaia crown from Acios has more of a spring or summer feel with its lush blooms. My fairy-self also has a taste for other treasures and wears a stunning necklace from Bliensen + MaiTai.

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Fantasy Faire 2018: The Tavern

The weather was too gorgeous yesterday to sit in front of the computer until later in the evening, so I didn’t actually manage to get the post out before bedtime. But I am thinking I will get a second one done today, to try to keep up with the one post a day schedule. Fortunately, I had my stitches in the finger out yesterday so typing is a bit easier. But you still get another combined blog and vlog because the star of this post really deserved a video. I am of course talking about the Interactive Tavern Table from Fantavatar & Moonstruck, a fabulous roleplay piece. Also featured in this video are two hairs from F&M, a gown from Les Encantades, an awesome outfit from Last Ride and a skin from Bite & Claw. Note that in the credits, it just says Fantasy Faire after each item, but the links are different depending on which sim the store is actually on. You can also use the excellent Shopping Catalogue to easily find where each and every brand at the faire are located.

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Fantasy Faire 2018: A Beginning

Fantasy Faire 2018 is now open and the Fairelands will stay with us from the 19th to the 29th of April. I am starting this year’s coverage of the Faire with a vlog featuring the Fairelands Junction (built by Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash) and three of the new releases from the Plastik (in collaboration with Trap) for the Faire.

Typing is still a bit difficult due to my injured finger, so to give a sense of what awaits you at the Fairelands, I am going to quote briefly from the press release:

“In addition to the ten shopping regions, there‚Äôs also five whole Fairelands dedicated to various Faire events from Memorial Garden to the Fairelands Quest, from Literary Festival to Performance Stages, from Art Galleries to the Worldling Collection. This brings the Fairelands count of 2018 into fifteen sims, just waiting for you to come and explore them.”

I have also included a couple of closer looks at the skin, horns and eyes, but for any information beyond the credits at the end I refer to the video to give my finger a rest.

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Fantasy Faire 2017

Fantasy Faire 2017 is finally open! The Fairelands are awaiting visitors and if you can’t manage to get in right away, you can get a look at three of the nine shopping sims in a video that I put together. I apologize in advance for some random panning around at times as well as a fair bit of rambling. The sims featured are Chaddul Ro, The Rose and San Mora and I also picked out a few creators on each sim to take a closer look at. I did learn after completing the video that some elements of the Rose were not installed at the time I made the video, so to see the Rose in full bloom make sure to visit the sim on your own (but you should do that anyway, it has some great creators on it).

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Into Another World

With the help of a few pieces from Genre—most notably the amazing Underworld Gate from Anachron—I am preparing myself to step into the Fairelands as the Fantasy Faire 2017 is about to begin. The blogger preview starts today and then the Fairelands opens to everyone tomorrow. I have a few little previews to share with you today and there will be plenty more over the 10 days that the Faire is open.

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Rather Be a Rascal

Finally had a chance to drop by the Fantasy Faire—in the nick of time, as it’s closing tomorrow—and I have to say this year’s builds are among the most impressive in recent memory. What’s particularly impressive about the sim I photoed on, Dangarnon, is that it’s inspired by a previous build… but is now a dark version, with its own enormous Dark Tower. But here I am in the streets of Dangarnon, far beneath the baleful eye of the Tower, a rapscallion looking for a bit of fun.

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Fantasy Faire: Sword-Dancer of the Portals

For my second visit to the Fantasy Faire, I went to the Fairelands Junction, built by Balderdash and sponsored by Roawenwood. While these two stores can be found on the sim, it is not a regular shopping sim, but instead it features portals to the other sims of the Fairelands. However, the beautiful build by Balderash certainly deserves to be shown off and if you like the gorgeous trees and flowers, these can be found in the Balderdash shop on the sim.

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Fantasy Faire: A Princess of the Golden Delta

It is that wondrous time of the year again when the Fantasy Faire has opened and the Fairelands can once again be reached. This year the Fairelands consist of no less than 14 sims of shopping and entertainment. Each sim has a different builder and a different theme, offering different looks at the Fairelands. And, most importantly, the Fantasy Faire is an RFL event with all vendors offering RFL exclusives. My first stop at the Fairelands this year will be the Golden Delta, built by the always amazing Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods and Libertine.

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Woodland Magic

The Fantasy Faire is coming to an end today. I’ve only managed to showcase a small portion of the creations on offer there, so don’t miss this last chance to check it out. In particular, do give the RFL vendors an extra look to help make the amount raised by the Faire this year even more impressive.

For what may be my final post, I selected items from the Plastik, the Muses, Analog Dog, Eclectica and Eternal Dreams. I also added some non-Faire items—instead, they are from the Home Show—from Jian, a new brand launched by Kalia Firelyte.

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The Harvest

A darker side of the fantasy this time, as a priest of the Runic Cult prepares a sacrifice. These outfits, both the priest and the sacrifice, come courtesy of paper moon. They are available with gold or silver runes and come with a HUD for customising the main colour. On the priest (and matching priestess) outfit, there are numerous combinations, whereas the simpler garment of the sacrifice is more straight-forward. You will find paper moon on the YoZakura sim of the Fantasy Faire.

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Beneath the Waves

Each year some of the most imaginative creators in Second Life produce stunning sim builds for the Fantasy Faire. Astonishingly enough, all that work is on display for a very short time, then the Fairelands disappear until next year, when they return in a new guise. But in some cases, you can take pieces of the Faire home with you. This year, this is true for (among others) the Odyssey sim which was built by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods.

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Once, she had loved the sun. Gliding through the air on golden wings, she would bask in its warm rays. But one spring morning, she landed deep within the woods of Tangleshimmer Grove. Snow still blanketed the ground there, where high trees blocked out much of the sunlight. She shivered at first, and thought of flying away at once, yet something made her stay.

It was then that the winter fae made himself known, a pale figure that seemed to materialize from the snow itself. He was mesmerized by her, and she by him.

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The Fairy-Queen’s Lover

Yesterday, we showed you a few glimpses of the Fairelands for this year’s Fantasy Faire. Today, we have let the Muses inspire us to stage a feast in the woods. Titania is your hostess and she’s bedecked in jewellery from the Plastik and hair from Analog Dog, while her handsome knight wears garments by Stitched and hair by Wasabi Pills.

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A Faire Welcome

Once more it is that time of the year when the gates to the Fairelands have opened, giving you access to a wondrous array of different worlds. Yes, it is time for Fantasy Faire 2015. This year, no less than ten sims full of merchants await you, plus three additional sims serving as a nexus, as the arts & entertainment centre and as the home of the second part of the always highly entertaining Fairelands hunt. Ran and I attended the blogger preview yesterday and was, as always, highly impressed with both the work that had gone into the sims themselves and with the many amazing creators that are part of the Faire. But before we dive into showcasing our favourite finds, we thought dedicate a post to some of the incredible work done by the sim builders to give a taste of what you can see if there’s less lag and you can crank up your viewing distance and graphics.

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