Fantasy Faire: Sword-Dancer of the Portals

For my second visit to the Fantasy Faire, I went to the Fairelands Junction, built by Balderdash and sponsored by Roawenwood. While these two stores can be found on the sim, it is not a regular shopping sim, but instead it features portals to the other sims of the Fairelands. However, the beautiful build by Balderash certainly deserves to be shown off and if you like the gorgeous trees and flowers, these can be found in the Balderdash shop on the sim.

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From the Plastik (located on Serenity) comes the Wylde skin (and its male counterpart, Wyldoren). With these you can portray a feral fantasy creature, skin covered in highly detailed spots and stripes. They come in a ton of tones (this is one of the palest) and with a huge array of body and even head appliers. I am thinking of trying to capture the look of the Children of the Forest from A Song of Ice and Fire with one of these skins in a darker hue, they seem perfect for that. But frankly, the face is so pretty I am quite happy to wear it as a regular skin too!

The Arabesque silk dress from deviousMind (located on the Golden Delta) is a fitted mesh outfit (available for Maitreya, Slink and in a general fitted mesh size) with a range of accessories, such as bracelets, anklets and optional flexi prims for movement. The Lilac version is one of the RFL donation items from deviousMind.

The dress is designed as dancers outfit (the bracelets come with and without particle ribbons), though I decided that this creature is more of a sword-dancer than anything else. The pose I am using here is from Black Tulip (located on Twilight Illusion) who has two sets of sword-wielding poses at the faire, plus an extra (this particular pose!) which is a prize in the Fantasy Faire quest, the Tale of Exiles.

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A closer look at the beautiful Wylde skin (this tone is called “Mahza”) and at the gorgeously wild hair by Analog Dog (located on Tinkers Hollow). Iota is one of two new styles for the Fantasy Faire, a wild tumble of loose locks and braids to suit a variety of fantasy looks.

With so many sims available for the Faire, you can be sure to get in somewhere most hours of the day, so don’t wait too long to do your Faire browsing and shopping. There’s tons to see!

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