Fantasy Faire: Lady of the Twilight

The sim of Dangarnon (built by Death Row Designs) portrays a fallen, darkness-claimed version of one of last years sims, the kingdom of Andolys. I dared to venture out into this dark city and found a little corner of reminders of its original glory.

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The Isilme gown by Senzafine (located on Blackmoor) comes in two special colours for RFL - Twilight Sky, seen here, and Golden Peacock. This beautifully textured gown features a deep, V-shaped neckline, a broad sash at the waist and a wide band falling from each shoulder to trail behind you.

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I do not think the Godiva hair and headdress by Bliensen + MaiTai (located on Lucentia) was made for the Isilme gown, but the textures match very well indeed. This very formal French Hood style is perfect for a truly noble look. I added a touch of fantasy through the Farfalla tiara, also by Bliensen + MaiTai.

I am using the Imogen skin by Imabee and older poses by Black Tulip, who is available at the Faire with a new set. Dangarnon is definitely one of the really intriguing builds of this years Faire and if you enjoy the scenery you can find much of it for sale in Death Row Designs on the sim.

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