Beneath the Waves

Each year some of the most imaginative creators in Second Life produce stunning sim builds for the Fantasy Faire. Astonishingly enough, all that work is on display for a very short time, then the Fairelands disappear until next year, when they return in a new guise. But in some cases, you can take pieces of the Faire home with you. This year, this is true for (among others) the Odyssey sim which was built by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods.

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The amazing Pearl temples are sold with all proceeds going to RFL and with each purchase you get four styles; grand and standard temples, both submerged and surfaced. What you see here is the standard submerged temple, and to me it looks very much like the last remnant of a drowned civilisation. These are absolutely gorgeous builds and I’ve promptly made room for one of them on our sim.

For a land-based version, check out the Oyster temples, which also come as grand or standard but without the submerged option.

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What kind of creature might you expect to find within a temple such as this? I took my cues from the Plastik, making use of their stunning new Valari skins. This colour is called Valreun and you have, as usual, a huge array of different tones to choose from. These are beautifully crafted fantasy skins, with light swirling decorations traced across the body. The applier pack (sold separately) is packed full of pretty much every imaginable applier out there; I am of course wearing the ones for Slink Physique and Slink hands & feet. There are even Slink Visage appliers included, though I am not wearing a mesh head here.

And guys need not feel left out either; Valari is also available for male avatars.

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The beautiful jewels, which seemed to me to fit the pearl theme very nicely, are by Bliensen + MaiTai. The Soleil set consists of crown, comb/hair pin (not shown), necklace and earrings and there are also matching sandals for mesh feet.

The hair, finally, is yet another style from Wasabi Pills. This one is called Jay and is also available for both male and female avatars.

To see the full build by Alia Baroque, make sure to visit the Odyssey sim (and of course the rest of the Fantasy Faire!).

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