The Fairy-Queen’s Lover

Yesterday, we showed you a few glimpses of the Fairelands for this year’s Fantasy Faire. Today, we have let the Muses inspire us to stage a feast in the woods. Titania is your hostess and she’s bedecked in jewellery from the Plastik and hair from Analog Dog, while her handsome knight wears garments by Stitched and hair by Wasabi Pills.

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The Muses have quite the collection of items for Fantasy Faire, ranging from stunning gowns (of course) to furniture and even garden items. Starting with the latter, you have Titania’s Feast and Titania’s Chaise, which both come with a HUD that gives you a lot of colour options—even down to the colour of the cheese! Three kinds of flowers—wild thyme, oxlip and nodding violet—are also available, allowing you to create a lush garden scene.

The luxurious gown (most definitely fit for a queen of the fairies) worn here is one of three and this one is called Coronation and comes in either black with accents or gold with accents. The accents are controlled via a HUD, essentially giving you a fatpack for the price of one gown. There is also an RFL version of the gown which is a black and red combination without a HUD. Also by the Plastik for the Faire are the Machockha horns which come in several different styles per colour (there’s no less than 12 ways to wear them), with and without accessories and tips.

The long, curling hair is one of two styles by Analog Dog for the Faire. This one is called Sola and it also includes a fanciful metal headband as an optional accessory.

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The intricate jewellery set is called Everilda and what you see here is far from all the pieces. It also includes a pendant-style necklace, a ring and a forehead jewel as an option to the circlet. Four metal choices are included with each jewel (this is the granite set in gold) and you get a bare and a more decorated style. This is the latter and there are some amazing tiny details that you just have to see in person. A special gem colour is available only as an RFL item.

As for my handsome knight, he’s wearing a Gorget from Stitched for the Fantasy Faire as well as a combination of two other Stitched outfits; Bran and Tristan. His hair is Jaden by Wasabi Pills in the RFL colour Licorice.

My skin is Kimber by DeeTalez whereas Ran is wearing Adam Crius by the Abyss. The first pose is by NanTra and the second by oOo Studios.

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