Fantasy Faire: A Princess of the Golden Delta

It is that wondrous time of the year again when the Fantasy Faire has opened and the Fairelands can once again be reached. This year the Fairelands consist of no less than 14 sims of shopping and entertainment. Each sim has a different builder and a different theme, offering different looks at the Fairelands. And, most importantly, the Fantasy Faire is an RFL event with all vendors offering RFL exclusives. My first stop at the Fairelands this year will be the Golden Delta, built by the always amazing Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods and Libertine.

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The Golden Delta is inspired by Egypt and for my visit here I created a princess of the sands, garbed in the flowing Arianne Lace Coat by Stitched and the Joy outfit by Poet’s Heart, which was just enough to keep me (somewhat) decent. On my feet are the Dreki sandals by Bliensen + MaiTai.

Stitched can be found on Serenity, Poet’s Heart on Dangarnon and Bliensen + MaiTai on Lucentia.

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I am also wearing the Fei eyeshadow by Musa, which can be found on the Golden Delta. The eyeshadow comes in a pack of bright colour combinations, with a special RFL colour available as well.

The Honeybee necklace by ieQED is not a Faire release, however, nor is the gorgeous Reva hair by Wasabi Pills (but Wasabi Pills does have three great Faire hairs that I will get back to).

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Of course, I had to give you a good overview of the gorgeous sim as well; Alia Baroque has really managed quite the masterpiece this year. Its epic, monumental and very imposing.

Look for my next visit to the Fairelands soon, there are many wonderful pieces and beautiful sims to explore!

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