Applying Myself

Slink has an exciting new update to their fabulous mesh hands and mesh feet: an applier system (if you use mesh breasts, you are likely already familiar with this) that allows other creators to create textures for these add-ons. In addition to allowing feet and hands that perfectly match a skin without the need for any tinting, appliers can also handle other things. Or how about mesh feet with actual stockings or panty hose on or mesh hands with more nail colours than you can shake a stick at?

One of the very first brands to deliver some goodies for Slink’s hands and feet is Adam n Eve. I decided to pair some of these new goodies with some sexy poses from Elymode.

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Starting with the poses, they are from the updated “Yes Ma’am 2” set, which includes both a riding crop and a dressage whip, and they are available at the Pose Fair together with several other sets of (primarily) naughty goodness. There’s a lot of sexy attitude in these sets, which was just what I wanted for these shots. The lingerie, btw, is from

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The first applier we’ll take a look at is the stockings from Adam n Eve. Basically, you have a regular texture layer stocking and then you have a hud which appliers a matching texture to your Slink mesh feet. So you will need the feet from Slink (if you already own the natural or the medium high, you can get updates) and you will need the stockings HUD från Adam n Eve. The feet that work with the applier are not the same feet as you tint, so once you get your update from Slink you shouldn’t delete the previous version in case you do need to tint for some skins that don’t have appliers.

The shoes are also from Slink, made specifically for the medium high mesh feet.

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The appliers work the same way for the hands. For this look, you need the correct version of the mesh hands from Slink and you need a HUD from Adam n Eve for the hand texture and a HUD for the nail texture. This hand texture is for the Maha skin from Adam n Eve in T1.

This shot also gives a good look at the lovely mesh curls from Magika.

If you haven’t already tried the mesh hands and feet from Slink, perhaps because you find tinting mesh body parts to match your skin tedious, now you can get the appliers for a small but quickly growing range of skins. If you wear any of Adam n Eve’s newest skins, for example, then sachi has you all covered. More skin makers will no doubt follow soon, as well as other creators.

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