Private Performance

When previewing the Festival of Sin II, I was very pleased to see that one of the participating designers was Solange. I used to wear her silks and other outfits quite a bit, so it is nice to see her back and doing mesh—and naughty mesh, at that. And while I was playing around with poses, trying to come up with how to photo this look, I had a surprise folder from Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie land in my inventory with her latest release. That turned out to be just what I needed.

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Sparkling in the Dark

From World Goth Fair comes a bed by bauwerk from 22796, a sexy dress by the Plastik  and slithery shoes by House of Rain, paired with a makeup by elymode from Cosmetics Fair.

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Playing with Justine

Say hello to Justine. Sleek, sexy and opulent, full of possibilities. Alia Baroque of Libertine has definitely done it again with this luxurious grand divan. If you are familiar with his Marquis furniture set, Justine offers a similar experience, but in many ways it is dialled up to 11. There are five different seating areas and a total of twelve seating targets, meaning that you could have quite a party on this couch. Alas, for these photos it is just me and Ran, and we didn’t even get into any of the couple poses, naughty or otherwise (the set comes in both a mature and an adult version, with the latter including the full range of poses). But rest assured, this won’t be the last you see of Justine on this blog.

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Applying Myself

Slink has an exciting new update to their fabulous mesh hands and mesh feet: an applier system (if you use mesh breasts, you are likely already familiar with this) that allows other creators to create textures for these add-ons. In addition to allowing feet and hands that perfectly match a skin without the need for any tinting, appliers can also handle other things. Or how about mesh feet with actual stockings or panty hose on or mesh hands with more nail colours than you can shake a stick at?

One of the very first brands to deliver some goodies for Slink’s hands and feet is Adam n Eve. I decided to pair some of these new goodies with some sexy poses from Elymode.

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