A Haunting

Well, it is definitely Game of Thrones-season, because I am finding so little time for Second Life. But, with the Fantasy Faire just around the corner, I will be making time, come hell or high water. I will be blogging the faire this year as well—and I have been assigned some truly amazing creators—and you might consider this a bit of a warm-up even though what I am showing in this post has already been released. Then again, the blog is steadily becoming more and more true to its name, with fantasy and historical wear cropping being the focal point more often than not.

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The Muses may have a lot to do with the marked increase of fantasy wear on the blog. Nephilaine Protagonist is turning out one amazing gown after the other—and she’s been adding some male clothing, too. This is the Banshee gown, a full mesh outfit which features an integrated underdress and overdress (she also has several new gowns out with a mix of mesh and system layers and a separate overdress). I almost shot this using the very Targaryen red and black combination, but then I decided that I wanted to capture something a little more ghostly. Hence, the white, which also shows off the distressed quality of the fabric very nicely. This is a gown for a madwoman wandering the woods or an old, ruined castle.

My skin is the newly released remake of the Eva skin from Tuli. Eva is a gorgeous, sultry beauty and since Tuli has just released skin appliers for Slink’s hands and feet, you can easily match these to your Eva skin (there are also appliers for the Lola Tangos). Eva comes in three tones, four brow colours, a natural or a sultry pack of eye makeups and a total of 30 lipstick variations. You also have options for cleavage and for dimples.

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The beautiful hair is one of the new releases from Analog Dog. Queue Marlowe decided that she missed flexi curls—as do I!—and created a style blending non-rigged mesh with flexi curls. I am definitely in love with mesh for hair that drapes over your body, but I do love a real curl texture as well and Analog Dog has always been my absolute favourite in this regard.

My necklace is from Tekeli-lis beautiful Kindled set and as it happens, Tekeli-li’s current mainstore is closing soon. Until then, all products at that location are 50% off. At the end of the sale (the 16th of April or thereabouts), some products will be retired (at least from the remaining in-world store), so make sure to pay a visit before then. You don’t want to miss a chance to see a very unique sim before it disappears, either.

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