Bells and Whistles

From one kind of fantasy to another, with a closer look at the re-release of Tuli’s Eva skin, the glove and stocking appliers for Slink’s hands and feet from Adam n Eve and a new hair from Alice Project. Plus a sexy rigged neck corset in leather from Perception and one of the sinfully gorgeous beds from Trompe Loeil, packed full of poses for all sorts of occasions.

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Gloves can add a great finishing touch to a lot of outfits (or to no outfit at all, as in this case), but once you’ve gotten used to Slink’s gorgeous mesh hands, its hard to give them up for gloves. Now you don’t have to, any longer, with these Opera glove appliers from Adam n Eve. The stockings are also from Adam n Eve; sachi has released a wide variety of stockings and pantyhose—as well as nail appliers—since Slink’s new system was introduced.

The rigged leather collar is from Perception, otherwise known for their great corsets and, indeed, it has corset-style laces at the back.

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Tuli’s skins not only have beautiful faces, they have absolutely gorgeous bodies. I prefer a smaller breast size, so I am not using the Lola Tangos myself, but if you do she does provide appliers for those (as well as for Slink’s hands and feet). The makeup in this photo is from the Sultry pack, with the Vamp lips added.

The long, flowing hair is the Bells II style from Alice Project, in one of the natural red shades offered by the clever HUD that also features optional streaks and dips for a lot of different combinations.

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I can’t leave off doing a back shot, of course, seeing as Tuli’s skins have one of the best butts in SL.

The bed is the Barrel bed from Trompe Loeil, in white with red satin sheets. There’s single poses, there’s cuddly couple poses and there’s a whole assortment of adult poses, a few singles and quite a few for couples.

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